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5 July 2015

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21 June 2015

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15 June 2015

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Alimohammad on Wooden Cats
با انکه چوبی هستند حس میکنی دارند بهت نگاه میکنند

omid on Wooden Cats
خخخ خیلی خیلی خوشگل و نازن ... ترکیب، فوکوس و فلو، رنگها، نورها و ...

Steve Rice on Wooden Cats
Wonderful cats captured beautifully.

Existence Artistique on Wooden Cats
oh trop mimi

Ralf Kesper on Wooden Cats
A really pretty found. Nice in tonings and light and well captured from your low pov.

Ronnie 2¢ on Wooden Cats
Such wonderful presence . . like cats for real, they look to be planning something !

Anne on Wooden Cats
Excellent shot!

Farzaneh on Friendship
Undoubtedly, you are one of those rare people who are gifted to be a real friend with a beautiful mind.

Steve Rice on Friendship
Excellent portraits.

omid on Friendship
ثبت شااااااد و قشنگ ... فوکوس، نورها و بازتاب های خیلی ...

Libouton Martine on Friendship
Un bel auto portrait !

Existence Artistique on Friendship
Intéressant cadrage

Anne on Friendship
Super autoportrait!

Ralf Kesper on Friendship
That's the funny playful moments with really nice results.

Ronnie 2¢ on Friendship
". . every season has a little spring in it! . . " what a lovely sentiment.

MRG*Photographics on Stay Low
nice angle

Ronnie 2¢ on Stay Low
Ah, the privacy of green . .

Harry on Stay Low
interesting point of view

omid on Stay Low
آفرین بر شما ;)

omid on Stay Low
چه نگاه فوق العاده ای و چه ثبت قشنگی ... زاویه ی دید، ترکیب، خطوط، ...

Steve Rice on Stay Low
A camouflaged bench.

Steve Rice on Mania
Cool catchlights in her eyes. Quite an effective portrait.

omid on Mania
خخخ من از روش دیگه ای نوشتم دست سازه اونها ;)))

omid on Mania
(: ǃɐɯoɥƨ ɹɐɋ ɯɐɭɐƨ ... امان از دست جناب رونی ببینید ما رو به چه ...

omid on Mania
ایده و ثبت قشنگ و دوست داشتنی ... کادر، فوکوس، فلو و بازتاب های زیبا ...

k@ on Mania
Beautiful mood.

marije on Mania
joli regard

Gary on Mania
Just beautiful....and creative

Existence Artistique on Mania
bien ce regard renversé

Ralf Kesper on Mania
"Maniac" effect. Very cool portrait shot.

Ronnie 2¢ on Mania
¿ noʎ ʇɐɥʇ sᴉ - ɐᴉuɐW

M on Dark Side
Perfect! :)

Steve Rice on Her Silence...
A nice portrait of the lady in silence.

omid on Her Silence...
ثبت نیمرخ و ویرایش قشنگ

Existence Artistique on Her Silence...
bel effet

Ronnie 2¢ on Her Silence...
Yes, there is a silence here . .

Ronnie 2¢ on Dark Side
Carries the mood perfectly . .

Ralf Kesper on Dark Side
Superbe capture!

Steve Rice on Dark Side
A beautiful silhouette.

Existence Artistique on Dark Side
bien agréable la vue

omid on Dark Side
ثبت قشنگ ... کادر، نورها، بازتاب ها و ضدّنور خیلی زیبــــــا

Jerry on رفتنی
I think you have a winner here, neat idea you had

omid on رفتنی
نگاه و ثبت جاااااااااالب ... زاویه ی دید، خطوط، پرسپکتیو، فوکوس و ...

Steve Rice on رفتنی
A nice perspective down the bike stand tunnel.

Existence Artistique on رفتنی
bien la perspective

véronique cherpantier on رفتنی
j'aime beaucoup l'angle de prise de vue, tres original

Ronnie 2¢ on رفتنی
A wonderfully inventive PoV . . this has me reaching for the box of Stars !

Ralf Kesper on رفتنی
Really creative done!

Darkelf Photography on #586
Lots of times and lots of interesting detail.

omid on #586
خووووبه ... راهکارش همینه که آدم با خودش پول نبره که وسوسه نشه ;)))))

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