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I Never Saw you
9 July 2018

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24 November 2017

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5 July 2015

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21 June 2015

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15 June 2015

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on Metamorphosis

Ehsan Hemmati on #534
حال و هوای کودکانه رنگهای زیبا

Darkelf Photography on Metamorphosis
Interesting thoughts.

Existence Artistique on Metamorphosis
c'est superbe cette recherche

omid on #534
ثبت لحظه ی قشنگ و دوست داشتنی

omid on Metamorphosis
ذنیای زیر آب واقعا شگفت انگیزه و برای ماها غیرقابل تصور ... ثبت و ...

Darkelf Photography on #534
Looks like they are enjoying their time in the sun :-)

Steve Rice on #534
Picking flowers for mom. Cute.

Existence Artistique on #534

Darkelf Photography on #533

Steve Rice on #533

beach on #533
It's legal now.

Existence Artistique on #533

omid on #533
ثبت و ویرایش قشنگ ... فوکوس، تم رنگی، نورها و شکل برگها خیلی زیباست

Darkelf Photography on #532
Great mood with the de-saturated tone. I like the leaves hugging the left edge of the frame and reaching out towards ...

Steve Rice on #532
Pure artistry! So lovely.

omid on #532
ثبت و ویرایش قشنگ ... لطیف و شاعرانه

Soozan on Freedom

Existence Artistique on #532
Bel effet du bleu gris

Ronnie 2¢ on #532
Delightfully different . . soothing.

Darkelf Photography on اُمید
I like the title and the little star burst fits in very nicely with that idea.

Steve Rice on اُمید

Existence Artistique on اُمید

Ronnie 2¢ on اُمید
One leaf can 'say' so much . .

omid on اُمید
خیلی زیباست و دوست داشتنی ... نووووورها و رگبرگ های خیلی قشنگ ... ...

Darkelf Photography on Imaginary Touch
Very original and imaginative photo. I think you may be right and this could work a little better without the empty ...

Darkelf Photography on Shy
Interesting perspective and great play of light and shapes. The pattern just to the left of the leaf looks almost like ...

Darkelf Photography on #529
Wonderful colours in the sky and you worked the trees and mountains into the scene very well.

Darkelf Photography on #530
Beautiful roses and nicely photographed. I like the shallow dof and the edge framing them in the foreground.

Steve Rice on #530
Gorgeous roses. They look good in any condition.

Existence Artistique on #530

omid on #530
چه گلهای قشنگی ... کادر، فوکوس و فلو، رنگهــــــــــــــــــــا و ...

Steve Rice on #529
Beautiful sky and silhouettes.

Existence Artistique on #529

omid on #529
خیلی خیلی زیباست ... ترکیب، لایه ها، رنگها، نورها، فضا و شاخه های ...

Larry Bliss on He
Fine close-up

Larry Bliss on #523

Larry Bliss on Focus!
Fine use of selective color...

Larry Bliss on Freshness
So precious...

Larry Bliss on بغض
Gorgeous use of color...

Larry Bliss on Shy

Steve Rice on Shy

Joyce on Freshness
What a great framing of this newborn and mom. It's total tenderness fills the heart. I love natural great ...

Existence Artistique on Shy

omid on Shy
خیلی زیباست و دوست داشتنی ... ترکیب، فوکوس و فلو، شکل برگها و ...

Benkirane Thami on Shy
Excellents focus et profondeur de champ! Un arrière plan chaleureusement lumineux! 5*

Steve Rice on بغض
A conversation among the leaves. Cool!

Existence Artistique on بغض
c'est une bonne recherche

omid on بغض
خیلی خیلی زیباست ... ترکیب، فوکوس و فلو، تم رنگی، نورها و عنوان قشنگ

Steve Rice on Freshness
A tiny one!

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